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Just call ITwizkids, and we'll help you fix your problem. Our unique technology allows our experts to create a secure connection directly to your PC over the internet and fix your problem as you watch. Nearly 85% of all computer problems can be fixed remotely. In most cases a technician does not need to physically touch your computer and your repair can be done using our online computer repair service.

And if your internet connection is not working, our experts can help you reconnect or walk you through the problem right over the phone. And don't worry about your security or privacy - all connections to your computer are fully encrypted and can only be opened by you. Give us a call today and see if we can solve your problem!

Our U.S. based technicians are highly trained and go through a rigorous screening and background check process so that we know we are providing you with the best service possible. Because we offer service through your high speed Internet connection, our online tech support experts are always available and ready to assist you.